Initially working with clay and silk was a mere hobby but gradually forming objects of both materials became my profession. I gave adult evening classes and successfully exhibited..


Usch Jochem

painted by H.P.Stierle
Portraits painted from
Hobby: Web Design

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      Are you fascinated by working with clay? And do you
like to play with colors when designing silk
paintings? Have your relatives and friends been
sufficiently supplied with scarves, ties, and
neckerchiefs made of silk? Or vases and bowls of clay?
       If that holds true for you, why don't you try
something new? Combine both materials and techniques
to form table and floor lamps in your favorite
designs. I will show you how to do it.

      material: here you'll find information of the kind of material you need and you also get an idea of what the components of a lamp kit look like.
      base of the lamp: here I'll explain what you should keep in mind when you do your own ceramic base or when you buy an appropriate ceramic or glass vessel.
      lampshade: here you'll see the model of a cylindrical shade which you can calculate interactively by inserting the individual messurements. (Unfortunately it works only from IE 4,01 upwards). But you also find the formula in order to calculate the shape on your own.
      assemble the base: here you'll get to know how to install the electrial parts.
      assemble the shade: here I'll explain step by step how to stick the silk cloth on the foil and how to finish off the shade. I have illustrated the procedure with pictures.

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