Hint # 1
You want to unscrew the socket from the cable, therefore bend back the small metal clip inside. Later on you push it back in place.

Hint # 2
If you make a hook from florist's wire, you can catch the cable with it. Move the container upside down, so the neck is turned downwards.

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Assemble the Base

When you bought a set for installing the electrical equipment, you have to unscrew the cable of the lamp socket first (cf. hint # 1). Then pass the cable through the whole at the bottom and let it come out at the top (cf. hint # 2).
Afterwards fasten the cable to the socket again.
      Now glue the socket on the neck with a gluing gun. In case you want to renew the cable, you take off the socket by heating up the glued joint, either in the oven to 70o C or with an infrared lamp.
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