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Hint # 1
When you starch the silk cloth a bit, it won't pucker as easily when you stick it on the shape






Hint # 2
Start the gluing process at the side you have cut evenly along the foil.

Hint # 3
Use a toothpick in order to make the silk completely disappear between ring and foil.

Assemble the Shade

Accurately cut out the foil from the pattern. At the narrow side (H, height) add extra 10 mm to use this margin for sticking the parts together.
      After fixing, washing and ironing the silk cloth, stretch it on a frame. The decorated side is pointed downwards (cf. hint # 1). Then start detaching a few centimeters of the paper cover at the narrow side (H) of the foil and stick it on the silk. While you carefully separate the paper with one hand, the other hand presses the foil against the silk.
      Take everything off the frame and cut silk and foil evenly at the narrow side (H). Prepare the other side for sticking by gluing a strip of sticking plaster partly on the foil and partly on the silk jutting out (cf. picture # 1) and then evenly cut along the sticking plaster.
      Take off the paper on the sticking plaster, fold the silk inwards and stick it together.You want to close the shade at this point. So you stick another strip of sticking plaster on the folded strip of silk cloth and along the edge of the foil. When you do so, leave a margin of 2 centimeters on the top and on the bottom. Do not remove the paper form the strip yet.
      Now put a sticking plaster on the silk jutting out on the top and bottom margin. Start with it one or two millimeters on the edge of the foil.
      With a conical screen you have to keep cutting in the adhesive tape, i.e. you cut in the outer side for the bottom ring and cut in the inner side for the top ring. Then cut both silk and ribbon at a distance of 8 mm from the edge (cf. picture # 2).
      Start removing the paper from the sticking plaster at the bottom margin. Place the ring with the bars exactly on the edge of the foil (cf. hint # 2). Now fix the silk around the ring (cf. hint # 3). Proceed likewise with the top ring (cf. picture # 3).
      Finally you take off the paper from the sticking plaster at the narrow side and stick the shade together.
      All you have to do now, is to place the shade on the base, insert a light bulb and turn it on.

Your work of art is completed!

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