If, during the burning process, a lamp base cracks or even shatters, you can fix the problem by taking the pieces, glazing them in different colours and burning them again. After that stick the pieces together. The glue one needs to fix tiles with works best. What do you think of lamp # 9? It is the successful transformation of bad luck into something new and unexpected


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Lamps Base

Since you are interested in my site, you have probably worked with clay and know how to make a container that is suitable to make a lamp base. The bases shown here are made by "Aufbautechnik", i.e. you form coils of clay which you pile up.
      Here are some suggestions on how to prepare the clay container to attach the electric appliance to make it a lamp base.
      1st. As long as the container is not yet dry, pierce about 2 cm from the bottom a hole. The hole itself is about 1 cm in diameter and leads the cable later on.
      2nd. Form the top of the neck as a small plate of about 6 cm in diameter and then make a hole of about 4 cm in the centre. Later you must glue the bulb socket in that hole.
      Maybe you are interested in these ideas but you have never worked with clay before. If so, how about starting a pottery course? And in the meantime why don't you look for some kind of object you could take as a lamp base. It could be a bottle, a ceramic vase or jar. Perhaps you want to buy a lamps base.
      When you found a base, you carefully make a tiny hole with a rock drill and then gradually increase the diameter as much as needed. Due to the heat involved the ceramic might crack, and therefore you might want a specialist take care of that operation.
      Perhaps you have got a used lamp of which you would like to renew the shade. Here are some practical suggestions how to achieve it.

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