hint #1
You want to match the proportions of the shade and the base. Put the base on a large piece of paper and draw the outline. Thus, you receive a two-dimensional picture. Now outline the form of the shade and measure the diameters of the rings as well as the height.


Ro = radius of top rim
H = height
Uo = circumference of top ring
Uu = circumference of bottom ring
Ru = radius of bottom rim

Formula to calculate the shape of a conical shade


 Hint # 2:
The bigger the difference is between the two rings, the smaller the radii become and the easier it is to draw the model.

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Lamps Shade

I assume you know the technique of silk painting.
      First of all you have to decide on the shape in order to calculate the surface (volume) of the silk cloth and the foil for the shade (cf. hint # 1). If you go for a cylindrical shape with a round or oval surface, you will get a rectangular. The long side of this rectangular is equal to the circumference of the rings and the broad side depends on the height of the shade.
      It is a bit more difficult to calculate the shape of a conical shade. Here is the interaktive calculation (only for EI 401 and successive) On your right hand side is the formula that might help you. You have to measure with a measuring tape the exact circumference of the rings. (Making the calculation of the diameters won't be as exact.) Select the height. Once you have determined the radii, you can draw the template according the diagramme on your right. (cf.hint # 2)
      When you want to renew the shade of a used lamp you take the shade apart and use the rings and the foil as a model for the new shade. Then follow the directions according assembling of the shade.
      The silk cloth has to be 10 cm larger than the foil in order to gain some flexibility when designing it.
      Have fun now! When painting, make sure the motive fits at the narrow sides, which then will be glued together.
      At a pinch you can buy the cloth. 

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